Meet Pepper!

Pepper is an energetic, playful and super cute chinchilla, who's very excited to meet your baby. She loves to jump, run and play with all her furry friends! You'll find her on your favorite Pebble Springs baby hooded towels.

Also, Pepper is a big fan of all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and sometimes even likes to chew her toys. Your baby and Pepper will have an amazing time playing together!

gray textile hanging on brown wicker basket

Our furry friends!

Chinchillas are a wildly social, velvety rounded ears and crazy-soft furred animals. They originally come from the Andes mountains in South America and are closely related to guinea pigs. 

They have thick, furry and extremely silky hair, and like to jump and run all day. Greens and seeds are their favorite food.

Besides being super cute, they are one of the most enchanting furry-friends around! 

crawling baby on floor